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Hi, my name is Kobi Golan, an artist designer, and third generation fashion designer. My late grandfather was a wedding dress designer and my father was involved in fashion production for 30 years. From a young age, I accompanied my father in the clothing manufacturing business.
At the age of 14, I started studying fashion at the Rishon Le zion Academy, after which I continued to study sewing, cutting and image teaching with private teachers all those years.
At the age of 17, I designed a collection of prom dresses that was published in the media. A year later I started an internship with the designer Victor (Vivi) Bellaish.
At the age of 19, I was accepted to Shenkar (Higher School of Engineering and Design). I studied 4 years of fashion design, and at the same time I worked in the local industry with Yoav Rish, a wedding dress designer. My final project at Shenkar dealt with Bedouin women.
Through my final project, I was exposed to embroidery and traditional Bedouin handicrafts, bringing to my designs the various layers of Israeli society. I believe that oriental materials (rugs, scarves) can be used and reused within the collection, so that the items undergo changes and take on a new meaning. Using traditional techniques, slowly handmade, taking into account the environment, creates my slow fashion brand. With my designs, I take into account the environment and the community.
Today I produce 2-3 collections a year. Small collections with a lot of thought on the production process of each item. Without any compromise, thinking and sketching, technique and even the final garment. I invest all my time and resources to the work in ! order to provide the highest possible quality. For any request, do not hesitate to reach me.