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My name is Kobi Golan, a Fashion Designer.

My late grandfather was a wedding dress designer, and my father was in the fashion-making industry for 30 years.

From a young age, I accompanied my father in the clothing business. 

At age 14, I became a student at the fashion academy in Rishon Letzion and continued to learn sewing, cutting, and pattern making with private tutors.

At the age of 17, I designed a ball gown collection that was published in the press. A year later. I began my internship with the designer Victor Vivi Bellaish.

At 19, I was accepted to Shenkar College of Engineering, Design. I studied four years of fashion designing while working in the local fashion industry with wedding dress designers - Yoav Rish and Lior Charchy.

My final project at Shenkar revolved around Bedouin women. 

Throughout this project, I was exposed to traditional Bedouin handmade embroidery. I visited the markets in the Negev (a desert-like part of Israel), which made me implement the many aspects of the Israeli society in my designs.

I believe that by utilizing and modifying oriental materials (carpets, scarves, fabrics) and using traditional techniques with slow handcrafted work, these items receive new meaning. And This is how I am creating my slow fashion brand.

Going back to my early childhood, I have vivid memories from age 6 of adoring family occasions. After every event, I would memorize the women’s outfits, their shoes, purse, jewelry, and of course, their dress. At age 14, I would be the one designing my mother and sister’s dresses for these occasions, sewing them on our home sewing machine.



“In my wedding dress and evening gown collections, I connect to my deepest roots and childhood experiences.”

My vision is to design a festive and unique collection with environmental consideration. I believe every brand should operate with ecological awareness. 

There is paramount importance for handcrafted work with top tier level of finish, using a variety of carefully chosen unique textiles.

The manufacturing process is personally adapted to each client’s body figure, style and occasion.

Repairs and alterations are part of the process and are patiently performed out of love and admiration for the profession. Our mutual journey begins with pattern development, sketching, cutting, and sewing, reaching the final result without compromises and with the highest satisfaction for every client. 

In choosing the fabrics, I combine textiles such as tablecloths, curtains, and laces that bring nostalgic memories and support ecological, reusable fashion that minimizes environmental impact. 

“I believe the memory and experience last and leave their mark even when the clothe is gone.”

I invest all of my time and energy into my work so I can provide the best possible quality.

You are welcome to schedule a meeting with me in my studio in Tel-Aviv, 98 Hertzel st.

Kobi Golan.