A Photoshoot During Covid-19

Just a few weeks before Coronavirus arrived for a visit… A talented crew and I created an at home photoshoot.
And believe me! I did NOT know we were predicting the future!

The main concept was to film my collection in a home environment. A housewife doing her chores at her natural home ground while wearing my clothes. We wanted to create this interesting tension that’s happening in the fashion world today.

Right away, we found a beautiful big country home, styled with all sorts of special spots and nooks. Just what you need for a photoshoot.
Each outfit was fitted with its own room to make the best photos.
We also used the backyard that was full with trees… Good thing the weather was great!

My choices were made with stylist Alma Goren. She’s young and talented, and has an amazing ability to combine everything in a modern and fashionable way. She brought matching accessories, and ohhh… the house is her parent’s house! 😉 

Our model was Adi Harel from Yuli Models. We chose her, and it was the best choice we made!

One of my favorite photos was from the production, was the black dress with gold touches, coming together with the background of a carpet collage we created. 
(I have a soft spot for Kilim carpets).
So this is the outcome ! 
I’d love to hear your opinions.
I hope we’ll all see better days soon and I wish everyone best health !
Photografer: Rotem Barak  
Makeup: Moran Eilat Yanko
Hairstyles: Elad Leon Meir
Styling: Alma Goren
Model: Adi Harel // Yuli Models