41 countries were represented in the Eurovision song contest in Tel Aviv (May, 2019), under the slogan ‘Dare to Dream’. Beautiful Netta won in 2018, and brought the show back to Tel Aviv for the 3rd time, performing with the already classic song ‘Toy’.

Efrat Kalig (insprired by Netta's Dress)
Photo by Nir Slakman
Model: Nona Chalant

During the Eurovision week, a lot of related events took place. Yoav Meir and Gili Sivan created a fashion exhibition, named ‘Winning Dress’.

Yaron Minikowski
Dror Kontento

They contacted local fashion designers, and ask them to create a dress inspired by dresses worn by singers representing Israel along the years, including Dana international, Netta, Ofra Haza, Rita, Orna Datz and more.

I was asked to remake Ilanit’s dress from 1973 in Luxmburg. She performed the Song “Ey Sham” (Somewhere) written by Ehud Manor and Nurit Hirsh. It was the first time Israel participated in the contest. The Song ranked 4th, not bad for first time.

Ilanit’s colorful strip dress was designed by Rozi Ben Yosef, she was one most iconic and successful designer, a symbol of Israeli fashion designing.

Rozi interpreted social reality to a message, Israel mixed culture to insperation, and desert views of the country into proud esthetics. She created local original fashion the was sold in the most famous fashion stores in the world, and put Israel on the map. Personally Rozi is my all time favorite designer. The dress was recognized with her style, it was convenient, desert like and authentic.
Toghether with Ilanit’s blond hair color, it was a winning match.

Kobi Golan

When I started to remake the dress, and give it my own interpretation, immediately I thought about the amazing colorfulness in the original dress. The range of colors and textures gave me a feeling of desert sunset. I went on a quest to find a matching fabric, and then I found it. one way velvet and the other side lamé with golden lurex. The changing colors match the ones on the iconic dress.

It was fascinating to play with the cloth direction together with the color. 

The Exhibition opened with a glamorous event, all the designers came and explained their design.
The dresses were shown on an impressive tall black manikins, in a chronological order, with a text explaining on each design.
My dress was first in line since Ilanit preformed in the first Eurovision.

Maor Tzabar
K Long
Ravid Hkn

It was very exciting to see the process each designer did, and how he sees the garmet. For me the Eurovision is a holiday uniting all of Europe, revealing new musical talents, and an exciting competition.