Spring/Summer 2019 Photo Shoot Behind the Scenes

Location: Khan Beerotayim

We headed out to the desert, 2.5 hours drive from Tel Aviv towards the border with Egypt. We arrived very early (best for outside shootings), just past sunset, to a desert area called ‘Azuz’. 15 minutes drive on a rocky sandy road, got us to an oasis hotel. The bedrooms were scattered around a center outside fireplace with a circle seating area with striped colorful pillows.

This place is magical, with clean desert air, and calm feeling atmosphere. If you look for peace and quiet, no electricity or internet, it’s the perfect place.

As soon as we arrived we set up a quiet corner for hair and makeup. We went for Boho Chic, the way I like.

Lidor the hair stylist is a master in braiding, we planned to add gold coins jewelry to the model’s hair braiding. 

Shirly was in charge of the makeup. She created a clean natural look. We got an authentic look that feels effortless.

Hair: Lidor Hadida
Makeup: Shirly Sidik
Model: Anna Paponov (Elinor Shahar PM)

The place was packed with ethnic ornaments: textile used in sheets and pillows, to unique historical cups and jars, special decorations on each wall and hand made straw furniture. For each look, Almog, the photographer, searched and picked the perfect surrounding and background for the shoot.

This collection (or mini-collection to be more exact) was constructed by 9 clothing sets. Most of the items were light dresses in various lengths, in cotton or linen, and also silk fabrics. Mixture of decorated ribbons, embroidery, and a lot of handwork.

When designing the collection, I think of combinations. I like versatility. To offer my clients several options for each garment. Combining the skirt with 2 matching shirts, or other ideas.