A-wa & Me

A-WA (Arabic for Yes) is an Israeli band made up of the three sisters Tair, Liron, and Tagel Haim. Their single “Habib Galbi” (“Love of My Heart”) became a world hit, and one of my favorites, with its Yemenite traditional music mixed with hip-hop and electronic music.

We first met when I have launched my Graduation Collection in Shenkar Department of Fashion. 

A-WA are known for good style sense and wear ethnic clothes. They also endorsing young fashion designers (thanks for that).

My designs mix ethnic and western flavors, handcrafted decorations and ornaments which uniquely identify each garment.

Our styles immediately connected, and they choose to wear my designs for many of their concerts.

The first meeting with the band was amazing and unforgettable!

They arrived to my studio with the stylist Haya Vider, who introduced us. There was something magical in the air, and we immediately started talking about their next concert in Barbi theater. 

While measuring, magic happened. Each girl got the look that compliments her, and all alterations were made so it will be comfortable.

All three created band’s wear harmony.

A-WA told me they like to dance a lot on stage, and it’s important to feel comfortable in the dress. It’s also very important for me, as a designer I want that my client will be liberated, calm and comfortable, with cloths that have flow and movement.